RLP business association wants good connection to hydrogen pipeline

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Hydrogen is thought to be the future energy carrier. For industrially robust Rhineland-Palatinate, supply becomes a key location factor, as explained by the entrepreneur Heger.

According to the entrepreneur president of Rhineland-Palatinate, Johannes Heger, a link to a “decent hydrogen pipeline infrastructure” is urgently required. For a federal state like Rhineland-Palatinate, which has a disproportionate number of industry in chemical and mechanical engineering, hydrogen site circumstances must be addressed, according to the head of the state organization of businesses (LVU). According to him, this begins with a huge hydrogen pipeline, which may then branch into smaller units in the following years.

The eventual location of hydrogen injection into the pipeline will be determined on a case-by-case basis. This might be the case in northern Germany, where massive electrolysers are now being constructed, or factories for producing hydrogen using electricity. This might also be accomplished using terminals for liquefied gas in significant ports in Belgium, for instance. Hydrogen might possibly reach Rhineland-Palatinate via France and Saarland from North Africa. “Importantly, we must be present from the very beginning. For our state, it’s always about locational benefits in the end “He said.

Hydrogen is seen as a potential energy carrier of the future. Using green electricity, so-called electrolyzers will extract hydrogen from water without emitting greenhouse gases during operation.

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