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The ROSEN Group charts a new road by establishing its own hydrogen testing capabilities in Lingen, Germany.

The energy industry as a whole has recognized hydrogen’s promise as a viable substitute for fossil fuels. However, without a secure and efficient infrastructure, this hydrogen economy will fail to function. A significant portion of hydrogen transportation will occur via existing gas networks and/or newly developed hydrogen-specific pipes.

The ROSEN Group is expanding its existing material testing capabilities and dedicating a separate section to the issue of hydrogen based on its many years of experience in a wide variety of material testing. Hydrogen can be detrimental to steel’s fracture and fatigue properties.
The amount of the effect varies according to steel quality and microstructure, hydrogen content, and other variables.
As a result, integrity assessments must be based on hydrogen’s material qualities, which are sometimes unknown in the case of existing lines and must be determined as part of the process of (re)purposing the lines for hydrogen transit. ASME B31.12 provides guidance on the design of hydrogen pipelines, including fracture toughness testing.

ROSEN’s testing capabilities enable the conduct of material and exposure tests in a hydrogen atmosphere (hydrogen blends and pure hydrogen) at temperatures up to 200°C and pressures up to 150 bar.

The ROSEN Group provides the industry with all the material testing methods essential to assure the safe transportation of hydrogen in pipes through this laboratory. Additionally, internal hydrogen research and development activities will be fostered and pushed. The facility’s construction is nearing completion, and with the arrival of key equipment, it is expected to be completed in early 2022.

The ROSEN Group is a market leader in providing integrity solutions that ensure the safe and reliable operation of industrial facilities, thereby safeguarding both people and the environment. For some years, the technological firm has focused on hydrogen, which is a critical component of its long-term company strategy. Recognizing the value of combining specialist knowledge, cutting-edge inspection tools, and material testing methodologies, the ROSEN Group assists pipeline operators in converting existing gas networks safely and efficiently and operating hydrogen pipelines reliably.

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