Russia will export hydrogen to Chinese market

According to a statement made by Alexei Kulapin, Director General of the Russian Energy Agency at the Russian Ministry of Energy, the draft of the Comprehensive Program for the Development of the Low-Carbon Hydrogen Energy Industry in the Russian Federation until 2035 prioritizes the development of domestic competencies and technologies as an end product for export. The Latest in Hydrogen Energy and Related Topics

The key to Russia’s competitiveness in the global hydrogen market, he said at the International Hydrogen Conference (IH2CON), is the development of technologies and collaboration, notably in partnership with partner nations.

Aleksey Kulapin emphasized that hydrogen is seen as a new form of energy that may help increase energy security on a global and national scale and that this perception is shared around the globe. The fuel and energy complex in Russia has a comprehensive system of strategic planning, and one of its primary goals is the creation of a new sector (FEC).

By the end of its development, the Comprehensive Program for the Development of the Hydrogen Industry, which is being overseen by the REA of the Russian Ministry of Energy, will have compiled all of the specialized documents, such as the “road map” and the Concept for the Development of the Industry, that have been adopted thus far. Russia has been tasked with increasing its scientific prowess, developing innovative industrial solutions, and forging closer technological ties with its allies.

According to Alexey Kulapin, a project was proposed to establish a BRICS+ format international consultative mechanism for cooperation in the field of hydrogen based on the energy research platform of the BRICS countries, the secretariat of which is located in the Agency, at the Interdepartmental Working Group on the Development of Hydrogen Energy of the REA of the Ministry of Energy of Russia the day before.

The need for hydrogen on both the local and international markets means that we have a head start on developing solutions for its production, storage, and transportation. He concluded, “We understand that we will still receive our share of the export of hydrogen to China, even though in China the technologies for the production of “green” hydrogen are already quite rapidly developing in the practical plane, taking into account the forecast for the development of the economies of the BRICS countries and China in particular.”