RWE takes part in first ever Hydrogen Zone

RWE will be present in the Hydrogen Zone at the Labour and Conservative party conferences.

The Hydrogen Zone is an inter-sectoral partnership whose members collectively convey the story of the expanding hydrogen economy in the United Kingdom.

British hydrogen technology, such as a double-decker bus, hydrogen boiler, and electrolyser, will be on display in the Hydrogen Zone, with models and visual representations of the country’s most innovative hydrogen initiatives. Hydrogen is investigated in The Zone for its potential to release green jobs of the future, stimulate private investment and economic growth, fortify energy security, and aid the United Kingdom in its decarbonization efforts.

A 3D model of RWE’s upcoming Pembroke Net Zero (PNZC) facility will be on hand. The Pioneering New Zero Carbon (PNZC) initiative was launched last year as RWE’s UK decarbonization centre, connecting cutting-edge technology essential to achieving this goal. Hydrogen generation, carbon capture and storage (CCS), and floating offshore wind are all part of this category. When combined, these technologies will help RWE achieve its objective of reaching carbon neutrality by 2040.

By spending £15 billion in green energy projects in the UK by 2030, RWE aims to be at the forefront of green innovation. The company has extensive expertise in the field due to its participation in a number of European hydrogen project development initiatives such as GET H2, NortH2, and AquaVentus. RWE is devoted to taking an active role in the distribution of this cutting-edge technology and the development of related green job opportunities.