SANY introduces hydrogen fueled construction vehicles

Image: SANY

SANY’s contribution to conserving energy and the environment is realized by continuous advancement of energy-saving and environmentally sustainable solutions in machine production.

A dump truck and a mixer truck, all of which are fitted with hydrogen fuel cell technology, were recently rolled out of SANY’s intelligent flagship plant. The latter is the world’s first hydrogen-powered mixer vehicle.

According to the project’s R&D engineer, hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles have five significant advantages. Among them, the realization of “zero emission” with only water and heat discharged is a step toward the industry’s green future.

Chinese President Xi Jiping suggested at the 2020 United Nations Climate Change Conference that China’s carbon dioxide emissions peak in 2030 and that carbon neutrality be reached by 2060. This aim necessitates concrete measures, especially by manufacturers like us who can effect meaningful changes by technical breakthroughs.

Aside from “zero pollution,” the latest fuel cell-powered construction vehicles outperform conventional predecessors in four other areas:

  1. Long battery life: A range of 1,680 L hydrogen cylinders guarantees a travel trip of more than 500 kilometers, relieving drivers of “mileage anxiety.”
  2. More power: The high-power fuel cell stack has an energy conversion rate of more than 50% thanks to a high torque drive motor and an AMT gearbox. The vehicle has a faster acceleration rate and a higher climbing capability.
  3. Enhanced environmental adaptability: To preserve optimum efficiency, the integrated heat control system performs automatic heating and cooling in hot and cold weather environments.
  4. Extra safety features: High heat security, overcurrent protection, a low pressure detector, and leakage monitoring and control in the hydrogen delivery system ensure a worry-free driving experience.

Over the next five years, SANY intends to become China’s most comprehensive hydrogen fuel solution supplier and the leading producer of electric construction vehicles.

Nedim Husomanovic

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