SardHy Green Hydrogen project great opportunity for the region

“According to Simona Fanzecco, general secretary of the CGIL of Cagliari, “The approval of the hydrogen project in the industrial area of Sarroch – one of the four nationals to which the European Commission has given the green light – is a great opportunity for our territory, which is fully part of the wider framework of the transition processes carried out at national and European level.

The secretary continued, “We appreciate the result reached, which will undoubtedly add value to the region and create new employment prospects. This is the correct way, to invest.”

To make the correct transition, look forward with more assurance, and be more sensitive to environmental challenges and climate change, invest in research and innovation “.

The Cagliari CGIL requests dialogue with the parties concerned to take part in the project’s implementation procedures in the hopes that it will also provide a chance to create new direct and associated jobs.

“We consider that institutions and political forces must look a closer look at the potential for developing infrastructures and technologies that are sufficient and widely used for the use of hydrogen, a source that in Europe is seen as a major turning point for the future of energy,” the secretary says.