Sasol to supply green hydrogen for South African mining companies

In the coming weeks, Sasol, a South African petrochemicals firm, will collaborate with local mining firms to supply green hydrogen to their operations.

The private sector’s use of green hydrogen for buses, taxis, and heavy vehicles like trams and forklifts in the mines is crucial to the South African government’s effort to curb climate-altering gas emissions.

The firm anticipates signing letters of intent with mining companies to supply green hydrogen to on-site forklifts.

In the second half of 2023, Sasol’s Sasolburg facility in South Africa will begin generating 3.5 tonnes per day of green hydrogen, with production capacity expanding to 6 tonnes per day based on demand. On-site use alone means all hydrogen will be used up.

By 2028-29, Sasol expects to have exported roughly 400 thousand tons of green hydrogen.