Sergei Glazyev proposed to extract hydrogen from underground


According to the Gaz-Batushka Telegram channel, former presidential advisor Sergei Glazyev has urged that the government promote the development of technology for direct hydrogen generation in order to minimize the cost of hydrogen.

The administration accepted a proposal for the development of hydrogen energy through 2050 in early August. According to Glazyev’s letter to the government, this notion ignores the potential of obtaining natural hydrogen from the intestines. This possibility, he claims, stems from the Soviet professor-geologist Vladimir Larin’s notion of the “hydride structure of the Earth” (hydrides are hydrogen-metal complexes) and hydrogen degassing. The idea is that hydrogen from the planet’s core gets released to the surface along big tectonic fractures in the earth’s crust, where it may be mined in massive amounts.

In Russia, more than 2 thousand places of hydrogen leakage from the intestines have been detected, according to an ex-adviser to the president. He claims that extracting natural hydrogen is “many times cheaper” than extracting it from methane or water using current technology. However, neither Russia nor any other country has started commercial hydrogen manufacturing yet.

Glazyev refers to Larin’s idea, which is deemed pseudoscientific since it contradicts widely held scientific beliefs on the structure of the Earth. No natural accumulations of this gas in the depths of the earth have yet been discovered, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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