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SFC Energy receives historic U.S. order for more than 100 EFOY Pro 2400 Duo fuel cells

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SFC Energy, a leading producer of hydrogen and methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power systems, has added LiveView Technologies (LVT) to its growing customer base.

The company, based in Orem, Utah, has placed an order with channel partner LaTech Equipment for over 100 EFOY Pro 2400 fuel cells.

These devices are incorporated into LVT’s fast deployment security trailers. These movable camera towers are utilized in a variety of sectors for video surveillance. Retailers park the trailers in their parking lots for surveillance purposes and to make better use of available space. They guard against illegal personnel entering construction sites. Often, the installation sites lack connection to the traditional power grid. As a result, the trailer requires a dependable and self-contained energy source to power the solar panel.

Until now, LVT’s quick deployment trailer was powered by conventional generators. EFOY Pro fuel cells offers a number of advantages over conventional fuel cells. They use substantially less gasoline, operate more effectively and quietly, and are, most importantly, more environmentally friendly. They do not emit dangerous exhaust gases such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), or fine particulate matter (PM). Additionally, SFC Energy’s fuel cells are 95 percent recyclable. As a result, the technology is a completely sustainable solution.

“This order is a milestone of our business development in the US. Our EFOY Pro fuel cells provide our customer LiveView Technologies with all options for a self-sufficient power supply. Following our claim ‘Goodbye Diesel,’ we replace less efficient generators with powerful, environmentally friendly fuel cells better complementary with solar. Thereby we support users with logistics and cost advantages,” says Hans Pol, COO of SFC Energy AG.

“We are thrilled to partner with SFC Energy so we can rapidly provide deployed surveillance that is truly capable of operating anywhere on earth—no power, no internet, no problem. EFOY Pro fuel cells either replace conventional generators and remove our sole dependency on solar power, so in areas where solar is not a viable option, we can still provide cutting edge security. This advancement in hardware paired with our unmatched cloud-based remote monitoring platform solidifies our position as the market leader in enterprise surveillance,” says Derek Boggs, Director of Marketing and Demand Generation at LiveView Technologies.

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