SFC Energy receives its largest fuel cell order ever

LiveView Technologies has issued a sizable follow-up order to SFC Energy AG. About 2,300 EFOY fuel cells are being ordered by a US customer for use in mobile surveillance systems.

The volume of the contract is about USD 15 million, of which USD 5 million will be recognized in sales and earnings in fiscal years 2023 and 2024, respectively. As a new customer in 2021, LVT has already placed orders for more than 1,100 EFOY fuel cells, along with another 600 units in May of this year.

After its completion in 2024, the new follow-up order for around 2,300 EFOY fuel cells will create an installed base of nearly 5,000 EFOY fuel cells in the U.S. market, making it the largest fuel cell order in the company’s history.

The order will significantly expand SFC Energy’s considerable U.S. business, making it the best possible precondition for the business to build its own foothold in the American market.

The significant order highlights the steadily rising demand for SFC Energy’s hydrogen and methanol fuel cells as a safe, dependable, and efficient method of generating electricity. The LVT surveillance devices will make use of the fuel cells.

These portable devices can be utilized for a range of tasks and come with camera towers. For surveillance and security against criminal behavior, supermarket companies may install camera systems in their parking lots.

LVT’s systems are used by construction businesses to keep an eye on the progress of their projects and building sites. EFOY fuel cells give LVT applications ecologically friendly power and boost use flexibility.

They work with complete climatic protection, allow self-sufficiency in places without access to the traditional power system, and supply electricity permanently and efficiently.