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Sharjah energy company gets creative with region’s first ‘waste-to-hydrogen’ plant


Bee’ah, the UAE’s premier integrated environmental, recycling, and waste management organization, is developing the Middle East’s first ‘waste-to-hydrogen’ plant.

The project involves the construction of a green hydrogen producing facility and a hydrogen vehicle fueling station in conjunction with Chinook Sciences of the United Kingdom. Bea’ah, which also has projects in Saudi Arabia, has been developing its alternative energy credentials.

By situating the waste-to-hydrogen plant near to the fueling station, the project will overcome the costs associated with hydrogen transportation. The fueling station will use green hydrogen produced by a waste-to-hydrogen generator using non-recyclable plastic and wood debris. The green hydrogen will be used to power hydrogen automobiles at the fueling station.

By 2030, the UAE aspires to be a significant hydrogen producer and to cut carbon emissions by 24%. Investments will be made in green hydrogen, which is generated utilizing renewable energy sources such as solar energy, as well as carbon-capture technology to create what is known as ‘blue hydrogen.’

Nedim Husomanovic

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