Shell and GE Gas Power to decarbonize LNG supply with hydrogen

In order to explore potential strategies for lowering the carbon intensity of Shell’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply projects globally, GE Gas Power and Shell Global Solutions have signed a development agreement.

The firms believe that one way to decarbonize LNG production is to employ hydrogen as a low-carbon fuel in gas turbines.

The firms think that Shell’s blue hydrogen process technology can deliver the fuel with the lowest carbon intensity of its kind, taking into account that the source and nature of such fuel also matter.

With the use of water in diffusion combustors, GE’s B&E class heavy-duty gas turbines can already run on 100% hydrogen while producing up to 25 ppm NOx. In accordance with the development agreement, GE aims to create gas turbine technology that can sustain NOx emissions while running on 100% hydrogen without the need of water.

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