Siemens’ “Champions League” project in Wunsiedel at risk of becoming a disaster

Prime Minister Markus Söder regarded the new energy idea, the “Champions League” of electrolysis, as a huge success. However, there, Siemens’ generation of hydrogen currently poses a major risk of becoming a disaster.

A proposed expansion was already halted after the group responded. The power price brake is cited as the cause, but even specialists have trouble understanding it.

The Federal Ministry of Economics’ involvement makes it impossible to connect to the wind and solar farms’ formerly inexpensive electricity providers.

Hydrogen manufacturing is unprofitable at current stock market prices

The inefficiency of the enterprise in Wundsiedel poses a concern since the Ministry of Economic Affairs skims off the excess revenues. The ministry disputes responsibility and cites EU regulations.

Marco Krasser, managing director of Wundsiedler Stadtwerke SWW, is puzzled. He stated: “Final customers that are businesses may not claim the relief under this paragraph for network outlets that support energy generation, conversion, or distribution […].” This is the exact opposite of the ministry’s current strategy and puts the locally sustainable production of power in peril.

Local leaders and lawmakers are upset about how the “tender plant of the hydrogen economy” has been handled and they are hoping for a resolution.

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