Siemens Energy launches its first megawatt green hydrogen production project in China


Siemens Energy and Beijing Green Hydrogen Technology, a subsidiary of China Power International Development (China Power), have signed an agreement for a hydrogen fueling station to have hydrogen production infrastructure.

Located in Yanqing City, Beijing, one of the three key strategic areas for a major sporting event in 2022, Siemens Energy’s green hydrogen production system will help ensure hydrogen supply during and after the event for public transport.

The megawatt green hydrogen production solution is the first such solution to be installed in China by Siemens Energy.

The completion of the project is expected in May 2021.

In September 2019, Siemens signed a Memorandum of Understanding with State Power Investment Corporation Limited (SPIC), which is China Power’s ultimate controlling shareholder, on cooperation in green hydrogen production and extensive use.

The project to produce hydrogen is the product of close collaboration between the two companies. In addition, the two sides aim to extend their collaboration on green hydrogen projects.

“The decarbonization of the energy systems is a challenge that every country must face. Siemens Energy is the company that can provide its customers with significant support in this process – no matter if they are states or companies. Promoting the application and development of renewable hydrogen is of great significance for China to build a modern and cleaner energy system. Together with our partner SPIC, we are making an important contribution to tackling climate change and reducing carbon emissions.”

Christian Bruch, CEO of Siemens Energy.

“SPIC is committed to working together with Siemens Energy to continue our cooperation in the field of clean energy and to leverage the complementary advantages of both parties. Together we will contribute to the development of clean energy in order to cope with climate change together.”

Qian Zhimin, Chairman of SPIC.

Siemens Energy provides all the key technologies for a long-term CO2-free energy supply–from renewable energy and heat generation or gas-fired power plants, to electricity transmission and distribution, to efficient hydrogen electrolyzer solutions.

Electrolyzers use electricity to separate water into its oxygen and hydrogen elements. Only if the electricity used comes exclusively from a renewable source, i.e. from wind farms, solar plants, hydroelectric or geothermal power plants, the hydrogen produced in this way is called green.

The Siemens Energy’s PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolyzer system Silyzer 200 will generate high-quality hydrogen on an industrial scale as the core equipment of the hydrogen-integrated power station.

The hydrogen production system also reacts quickly, the start-up time under pressure is less than one minute, and it can be combined directly with renewable energy.

Siemens Energy has adapted its hydrogen production system to a customized solution, which is also the first skid-mounted megawatt green hydrogen production system in China, in order to satisfy customer needs in saving space and being versatile.

Nedim Husomanovic

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