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Siemens Energy will supply two SGT6-5000F turbines to power the new Turtle Creek Station Peaking Plant in Papillion, Nebraska, for the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD).

The simple cycle turbine facility will be utilized to upgrade OPPD’s fleet of backup generators, which means the plant will operate only when necessary to offer the community with a resilient and stable source of electricity. The turbines are capable of running on up to 30% hydrogen and biodiesel, paving the way for future technological breakthroughs. Additionally, they provide a speedy start-up time and minimal emissions, while assisting in swiftly stabilizing the transmission system in order to compensate for the variable output of solar energy.

Siemens Energy gas-fired combustion turbines can assist in gradually and flexibly decarbonizing operations by allowing hydrogen produced without CO2 emissions to be integrated into the fuel mix to suit market-specific environmental and regulatory requirements.

Finally, these hydrogen-capable gas turbines can pave the path for a more sustainable energy future by meeting rapidly expanding electricity demand in the short term and providing backup power to compensate for renewable energy’s intermittency in the medium term. Siemens Energy has set a lofty goal of having all of its new gas turbines (including the SGT6-5000F) capable of burning 100 percent hydrogen by the end of 2030.

“We are proud OPPD selected our F-Class Turbines to complement their utility-scale renewable energy generation projects,” said Rich Voorberg, president for Siemens Energy North America. “As we look to decarbonize energy systems for the future, it is important to be able to increasingly integrate clean burning fuels like hydrogen into our power plants as well, and the Turtle Creek Station is a great example of how we can provide great value to the community by offering reliable and efficient power with a reduced environmental footprint.”

The Turtle Creek Station is a component of OPPD’s Power with Purpose initiative, which aims to provide consumers with cheap, reliable, and ecologically responsible energy services. This includes the development of solar power capacity of up to 600 megawatts and modernized replacement and backup natural gas generation capacity of up to 600 megawatts.

Turtle Creek Station is anticipated to open in late Spring 2023.

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