Silixa launches Carina CarbonSecure for CCS


Silixa has launched Carina CarbonSecure, a distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) based solution for continuous or on-demand monitoring of all stages of carbon capture and storage (CCS) operations.

The new solution offers offshore and on-land operators the necessary monitoring measures with a reduced cost and environmental impact of their CCS facilities.

The solution enables operators to provide the assurance to regulators and communities necessary to expand CCS adoption worldwide.

“CCS is a key component of the energy transition and plays an essential role in achieving international emissions targets. Studies from both the IPCC and the IEA recommend a renewed focus on CCS as the only proven technology that can be deployed at the scale needed to achieve essential climate goals. That is why we are launching Carina CarbonSecure: to enable the low-cost, reliable, and exceptionally accurate monitoring capability that is crucial to the take-up of CCS.”

Glynn Williams, CEO at Silixa.

Carina CarbonSecure delivers ultra-high resolution, densely sampled acoustic data for real-time continuous and/or on-demand monitoring. Elements of the solution include microseismic monitoring and passive seismic throughout the lifetime of a CO2 storage facility.

The system also includes 3D vertical seismic profiling (VSP), time-lapse seismic, well-integrity and leak detection to ensure maximum safety over the various stages of CCS development.

At the core of Carina CarbonSecure is Silixa’s Carina Sensing System, a patented, precision-engineered fibre-optic acoustic sensing system that is proven to achieve 20 dB or 100x improvement in signal-to-noise ratio compared to standard DAS systems.

Carina CarbonSecure requires minimal seismic sources on land and fewer seismic shots offshore to acquire seismic data, meaning it can significantly reduce a project’s environmental impact and cost.

“Carina CarbonSecure is new in the market, but it utilizes proven technology with a significant track record throughout the hydrocarbon value chain. We have leveraged the extensive experience, R&D investment, and technical expertise within Silixa to create a low-impact solution that can secure CO2 storage facilities – and demonstrate that security – while transforming the CCS cost model. We believe it is a vital step for creating a viable global infrastructure for essential CCS.”

Anela Dokso

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