Sines will be anchor for €1.3 billion green hydrogen project

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Renewable energy mega-investment will be presented in Sines, with Dutch and Danish investment to produce hydrogen and green ammonia.

Sines will be the stage next Friday for the launch of a mega-investment in hydrogen and ammonia to be produced from renewable sources, a project that will attract total investment of more than 1.3 billion euros for Portugal, led by the Portuguese-Dutch company Madoqua Ventures and supported by the Danish Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and Dutch Power 2X.

The launch of the project for the production of green hydrogen and green ammonia (or ammonia) in the industrial and logistics zone of Sines will happen on Friday morning and marks the kickoff of a project that, according to the digital newspaper “Eco”, will make a “significant contribution” to the national plan for green hydrogen, serving also to deliver green ammonia to European buyers in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

The Madoqua Ventures page, moreover, summarizes the big numbers of the project, structured in three investments, two of them in Sines and a third in the center of Portugal, near Aveiro.

The Madoqua H2 project, with an investment of 400 million euros, will install in Sines an electrolysis capacity of 500 megawatts (MW), which will allow for the annual production of 70 thousand tons of green hydrogen, creating 500 direct and indirect jobs. The Madoqua NH3 project (the ammonia formula), also in Sines, foresees an investment of 500 million Euros and 500 direct and indirect jobs. It is another renewable-based project, combining green hydrogen and nitrogen (or nitrogen) to produce verder ammonia, an essential component of the fertilizer industry.

And there is also a 450 million euro project planned for the Central region, called Madoqua Synfuels, to be connected to the Port of Aveiro, which will be a large-scale industrial facility for the production of synthetic fuels, with a capacity of 180 thousand tons per year.

The presentation of the projects planned for Sines will be attended by the Secretary of State for Internationalization, Bernardo Ivo Cruz, and the Secretary of State for Energy, João Galamba, as well as the Danish ambassadors in Portugal, Maria Trap, and the Dutch ambassador, Catharina Maria Trooster.

These are among the largest investment projects to be carried out in Sines in the coming years, alongside the more than 600 million euros that Repsol is investing in its petrochemical complex and the 3.5 billion euros planned for a mega data center (project known as Sines 4.0), among other projects.

Earlier this month the president of Aicep Global Parques, Filipe Costa, revealed to TSF and Dinheiro Vivo that the investment projects in the pipeline for Sines over the next decade total 17 billion euros.

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