Sinopec lowers hydrogen goals

Sinopec plans to create 120,000 tonnes of annual hydrogen filling capacity by 2025, which is 40% less than the target established a year earlier.

As the state oil and gas major develops hydrogen filling stations alongside its extensive network of gas stations, the hydrogen capacity primarily targets the transportation industry.

Sinopec said in a press release that it will extend generating hydrogen using electrolysis driven by renewable sources in addition to the more traditional refining and chemical procedures.

Although it did not provide a justification for the revised aim, it did state that it will “proactively and methodically” grow its hydrogen business.

The corporation, which is the largest among oil firms in the world, had 83 hydrogen filling stations completed by the end of June, according to a top company official, and another 13 were in the planning stages.

The National Development and Reform Commission, China’s economic planner, stated in March that the nation planned 50,000 hydrogen-fueled cars by 2025 and aimed for 100,000 to 200,000 tonnes of green hydrogen generation by then.