Sinosynergy presents fuel cell coach

At IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022, Sinosynergy unveiled the first Hydrogen Fuel Cell Journey Coach in Europe.

Sinosynergy is launching in Europe with the “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Journey Coach,” a product created in collaboration with Allenbus, Feichi, Marcopolo, and Danfoss. The coach, built according to EU standards, has a passenger capacity of 53, a range of more than 500 kilometers, and a refueling time that is often as quick as 5 minutes. The zero-carbon emission bus has more advanced hydrogen fuel-cell technology and is, therefore, better for the environment. It is Sinosynergy’s intention, in conjunction with its business partners, to sell this bus in the European, Southeast Asian, and American markets.

With a peak power of 270 kW, the SynRoad H240 Fuel Cell System is the first of its kind in the industry to adopt the modular design concept. The system’s design standard extends to a wide range of applications, including vehicular and rail transportation, maritime transportation, mobile power generation, and stationary power generation.