Six Italian regions sign MoU for green hydrogen project

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Piedmont, Liguria, Apulia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Umbria and Basilicata are the six regions that have signed a protocol at Palazzo Chigi for the construction of green hydrogen production sites on brownfield sites.

The protocol aims to create coordination for synergistic work among the regions, enhancing the particularities of each (below is the video with the interventions of the regions’ representatives).

Piedmont’s project

Echoing the press note from Palazzo Chigi, the Piedmont Region anticipated some information about its project.

Research, production, consumption, transportation, and supply are the key words of the strategy by which the Region intends to turn Piedmont into the Italian and European reference point on green hydrogen.

A public consultation was launched in recent weeks to build together with local authorities, universities, research centers and more than 100 companies the regional hydrogen strategy that will be presented in Brussels this fall.

There are 28 disused industrial sites in Piedmont that have applied to become hydrogen production centers as part of the census launched in recent months by the region: 12 in Turin, 8 in Novara, 4 in Cuneo, 3 in the VCO and 1 in Vercelli.

Another great potential,” recounts the press note, “is the industrial ecosystem of companies interested in converting their energy consumption to a hybrid and more sustainable key, combining traditional sources with the use of hydrogen.

Then there is the transport front, with the possibility of experimenting with hydrogen on local road and rail transport, renewing the fleet with green buses and trains.

In addition, Piedmont has a strategic geographic location internationally for road freight traffic, making it a strategic place for the Northwest to install hydrogen charging and supply points for trucks arriving from Europe.

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