Sixty organizations express interest in Whyalla hydrogen hub


Sixty organizations from all around the world have indicated an interest in contributing to the $593 million hydrogen power plant being built in South Australia.

Global operators with vast experience building hydrogen infrastructure submitted business proposals on the technical, systemic, and economic development of the hydrogen plant.

The Peter Malinauskas administration promised voters that the Whyalla hydrogen center would jump-start the state’s hydrogen economy and help fund $20 million worth of renewable energy projects.

It is evident that the world has been captivated by our audacious vision for hydrogen, he added.

“The tremendous interest raises a little question that South Australia’s green hydrogen market is flourishing.

“As we go toward net zero carbon emissions, we have established our state as a global leader in renewable energy, and the green hydrogen sector is the next step.”

The concept, however, was met with opposition; questions about whether a hydrogen hub made sense in the existing grid and if it was government-funded were raised.

The station also stood in opposition to the previous administration’s proposal for Port Bonython, a privately run but government-subsidized renewable energy center that would have concentrated on exporting hydrogen and other green businesses.

Sam Crafter, of the Office of Hydrogen Power SA, expressed his satisfaction with the volume of local and foreign entries.

In the upcoming weeks, he stated, “We will continue to analyze the proposals, and we look forward to collaborating with the industry to produce the employment plan.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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