SK E&S extends hydrogen partnership with Plug Power

SK E&S began stepping up its partnership with hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer Plug Power in the hydrogen industry.

Hyung-wook Choo, the CEO of SK E&S, met with Andy Marsh, the CEO of Plug Power, at the CES 2023 location to inquire about the present state of SK Plug Highverse’s major companies and to strategize methods to collaborate. In January of last year, the two businesses formed a joint venture (JV), SK Plug Highbus, to advance the hydrogen industry in Asia.

Starting with the liquefied hydrogen filling station, the two businesses will begin working together in the hydrogen industry in earnest. The SK E&S liquefied hydrogen factory in Incheon, which has a 30,000-ton annual capacity, will start operating commercially this year. By constructing liquid hydrogen charging stations close to key demand points around the nation, SK Plug Highbus intends to supply liquefied hydrogen manufactured by SK E&S.

Additionally encouraged as planned is the development of the “Giga Factory,” a base for the manufacture and study of hydrogen facilities. By the end of this year, SK Plug Highbus intends to construct a giga plant in Incheon to establish a mass production system for hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzer facilities. An electrolytic cell is a device that uses electricity to divide water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Green hydrogen is being produced, stored, and used in an ecosystem that Plug Power is fostering. In the US market for fuel cells for forklifts, it boasts a 95% market share. Additionally, it keeps receiving significant orders for the production of electrolytic cell facilities.

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