SK E&S to supply 1,000 hydrogen buses to Busan

In preparation for the World Expo 2030 in Busan, SK E&S will move forward with a project in which it will collaborate with the government to deliver 1,000 hydrogen buses to the city.

The energy firm has inked an MOU with the Busan Metropolitan Government, the Ministry of Economy, Hyundai Motor, the Busan Port Authority, the Busan Metrobus Company Association, and Busan Techno Park to foster the growth of the city’s hydrogen economy.

By 2025, Busan and its partners want to have converted all of their buses running on diesel and compressed natural gas to hydrogen buses. So that there is always a steady supply of the alternative fuel, they plan to construct 10 hydrogen charging stations in Busan. They plan to help 10 hydrogen energy startups get off the ground by 2030 by funding research and development and providing employees with the necessary skills.

It has been announced that a hydrogen charging station, as well as hydrogen-powered ships and vehicles, will be available at Busan Port, a significant worldwide logistics hub.