Skoda presents fuel cell city bus

At the Berlin Innotrans, the Skoda Group debuted its new hydrogen bus. The hydrogen fuel cell drive will have a range of up to 350 kilometers and will be used to supplement the electric drive portfolio in Skoda’s buses.

The 12-meter bus features a 160-kilowatt engine and enough for 85 people (up to 30 seats). The announcement and the data sheet only mention the H’City 12’s driving power of 160 kW, but not the PEM fuel cell’s power. Also, the buffer battery is mysteriously unmentioned.

However, we do know some details regarding the hydrogen tank system: the company reports that the hydrogen storage capacity is 39 kilos, which should be sufficient for the claimed range of up to 350 kilometers. Skoda advertises “rapid fuel refill” but doesn’t provide any hard numbers in the spec sheet.

The H’City 12 has a bodywork length of 12.02 meters, a width of 2.55 meters, and a height of 3.43 meters, and it weighs between 11.50 and 13.00 tons, therefore it is about the same size as a standard single-bus model. The H’City 12 also features two designated parking spots and a foldable ramp on the inside for anyone who need them to access the building.

The Skoda Group’s bus lineup features many engine options, so we can tailor our services to nearly any need. Customers want green cars that have less of an impact on people’s lives, and this desire is growing. According to Tanya Altmann, President of Bus Mobility at Skoda Group, “that’s why we’re coming up with a fresh solution that provides cities an attractive answer.”