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Linde Unveils Plans for Brazilian Hydrogen Project

Linde has unveiled plans for a advancement in Brazil’s hydrogen energy landscape. The company’s subsidiary, White Martins, is set to construct, own, and operate a second electrolyzer plant to produce green hydrogen in the southeast region of Brazil.

NYK's Fuel Ammonia Milestone Reshapes Marine Energy

NYK’s latest venture into fuel ammonia marks a milestone in the maritime industry’s quest for sustainable energy solutions. The upcoming supply of fuel ammonia to an ammonia-fueled tugboat (“A-tug”) signifies a leap forward in embracing alternative fuels to reduce emissions.

Latvia to Get Hydrogen Production Plant at Port of Liepaja

Latvia’s Liepaja Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Authority, in collaboration with CIS Liepaja, a joint project management team, has inked a two-year reservation contract for a potential construction site for a renewable energy complex, including a hydrogen production plant, at the Port of Liepaja.