Smoltek carbon nanofibers get assessment from global electrolyzers maker

Smoltek Hydrogen has started to work with an organization whose significant expansion of production capabilities will make them one of Europe’s largest producers of electrolyzers.

The producer has placed an order for material samples of Smoltek’s electrolyzer cell material, which they will combine with their own technology to create finished electrolyzer cells. The manufacturer will test the electrolyzer cells thoroughly, and the outcomes will be collectively assessed.

Several test samples of cell material for electrolyzers have been ordered by Smoltek Hydrogen. The test materials are made of titanium that is porous and will be coated with Smoltek’s carbon nanofibers and a corrosion inhibitor. This enables the producer of the electrolyzer to assess how the cell material functions in conjunction with other material and design choices. The material being developed by Smoltek will boost current density, which is projected to significantly lower an electrolyzer’s size and cost. Iridium is also diminished by at least 80% concurrently.

One of the top producers of electrolyzers in Europe placed the order for the assessment. This manufacturer plans to significantly increase its production capacity to create electrolyzers in large quantities over the next few years.

The producer and Smoltek have decided to work together on a project where components from both parties are assembled into whole electrolyzer cells in laboratory size, or test cells. The maker will next put these test cells through their paces in accordance with predefined guidelines. The cell’s performance will be measured by the manufacturer first, and then particular test procedures will be employed to give a prediction of the cell’s lifespan. Smoltek will receive the results of these measures, which will save a lot of time and several hundred thousand SEK in costs associated with the technology’s certification.

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