Smoltek’s Hydrogen business progresses production of electrolyzer cell material

Smoltek Nanotech’s Hydrogen business department has achieved tremendous progress on their 2022 electrolyzer cell material.

Smoltek plans to produce a high-performance cell material for electrolyzers, which split water into oxygen and fossil-free hydrogen using renewable electricity.

Smoltek’s carbon nanofiber-based cell material is intended for the anode side of PEM electrolyzers, a market developing exponentially due to global expenditures in green hydrogen production.

The three-dimensional structure of the cell material boosts current density, reducing electrolyzer size by a factor of three and iridium usage by 80%. This makes it cheaper to develop additional hydrogen plants, which is vital for the expansion of the new green hydrogen economy.

This business area will have filled numerous critical roles in the fall.

A large international manufacturer of electrolyzer inputs inked a partnership agreement in May. The partnership includes building a PEM electrolyzer cell demonstrator to show carbon nanofibers boost performance. First results are expected by fall 2022, while long-term tests will take longer.

Additional demonstrators are being created to test carbon machine production approaches, corrosion prevention alternatives, and catalyst particle application methods. These projects include outside companies and research groups. In addition to producing whole cells for performance testing, commercial electrolyzer players will examine test parts. The purpose of these evaluations and partnerships is to construct prototypes together.

Hydrogen aims to mass produce its electrolyzer cell material by 2026-2027. If the news release’s goals are met, this should result in 200 MSEK in revenues for the business area in 2027.