A memorandum of understanding was signed by Snam4Mobility, CuboGas, and HRS in order to establish a framework collaboration and advance the creation of effective hydrogen mobility solutions for the EU market.

To create and put into action fresh projects in hydrogen mobility infrastructure, HRS and CuboGas will collaborate. Since the arrangement will assist in integrating CuboGas solutions into HRS large stations (over 1 ton/day of hydrogen for passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles), Cubogas is anticipated to become a non-exclusive supplier of hydrogen compressors to HRS in particular (including the ones expressed by Snam4Mobility).

By enabling the implementation of HRS stations throughout Italy as part of decarbonized mobility initiatives managed by Snam4Mobility and supported by its established sector knowledge, this proposed three-year framework agreement also represents a win-win strategy in terms of geographic footprint. These combined solutions might eventually be used across the commercial networks of both parties.

Snam4Mobility, CuboGas, and HRS have teamed together to exchange their expertise and forge synergies in the hydrogen ecosystem with a focus on the advancement of refueling stations and related technologies in order to fulfill the EU’s ambitious decarbonization targets for transportation.