SolarPower Europe unveils platform for solar manufacturing acceleration


SolarPower Europe has unveiled the “Solar Manufacturing Accelerator”, a platform designed to accelerate the implementation of solar photovoltaic manufacturing projects in Europe.

The Solar Manufacturing Accelerator is coordinated by the Industrial Strategy Workstream of SolarPower Europe, and is open to all companies and organizations involved in developing or collaborating on solar manufacturing projects.

The platform will support these projects by finding partners and reaching out to financial investors, with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of solar photovoltaic development projects in Europe and contributing to the European Green Deal’s progress.

“With the launch of the Solar Manufacturing Accelerator, SolarPower Europe’s Industrial Strategy Workstream aims to demonstrate the immense contribution of solar PV manufacturing to the European Green Deal, through innovative and cutting-edge products that will create thousands of highly-skilled jobs in Europe.

“The ambition of the EU Green Deal building on PV as one of the strategic pillars needs to be translated into an Industrial Strategy for European solar manufacturing. For the revival of the PV manufacturing supply chain in Europe, it is important that the EU Commission and the member states support European companies with easier access to globally-competitive financing conditions, and through enabling the appropriate economic framework to run a successful operation.”

Dr. Christian Westermeier, chairman of SolarPower Europe’s Industrial Strategy Workstream.

Meyer Burger has recently launched an initiative to revitalize solar PV manufacturing in Europe at GW scale using our advanced PV technology. The ‘Solar Manufacturing Accelerator’ is a novel way to support European companies taking manufacturing projects forward, that can boost the EU green economy and increase energy security on the continent.

“This is the perfect time to re-establish a thriving solar PV manufacturing industry in Europe, which can play a key role in revitalizing our economies after the coronavirus pandemic with future-oriented technologies designed to combat the climate crisis. Now, what we urgently need to make it happen, is the right policy framework and the right incentives to allow European solar PV manufacturing to truly take off.”

Gunter Erfurt, CEO of Meyer Burger.

“The EU is writing today its history for the next 30 years. It is of strategic importance to re-industrialize the EU with solar manufacturing capacities. Akuo, through its Sunstyle International sub-branch, is producing in France innovative and aesthetic solar tiles which embody the next generation of solar generation. With this new initiative led by SolarPower Europe, we will align all forces and demonstrate that the EU is in the starting blocks to repower our industry.”

Eric Scotto, CEO of Akuo.

“The European Commission recently presented its new Industrial Strategy, which acknowledges the need for a more strategic approach to renewable energy industries. With the ‘Solar Manufacturing Accelerator’ we aim to showcase the vast potential of solar PV manufacturing in Europe, and provide the appropriate industrial and political ecosystem needed to bring these projects forward. 

“European solar manufacturers are already leading in innovative solar technologies, such as heterojunction cells, perovskite tandem cells, grid-connected technologies, and battery storage systems. We aim to demonstrate the breadth of these cutting-edge technologies ahead of the launch of the European Commission’s ‘Industrial Forum’ in September 2020.”

Aurélie Beauvais, policy director at SolarPower Europe.
Nedim Husomanovic

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