Solid hydrogen carrier to sail under the Port of Amsterdam flag

A hydrogen research vessel that uses sodium borohydride as a solid hydrogen carrier will be constructed in the Port of Amsterdam.

For the European initiative H2Ships, shipyard Next Generation Shipyards in Lauwersoog will construct a hydrogen vessel. The ship, named Neo Orbis, will be the first in the world to sail electrically on hydrogen that is “solid,” claims the creator.

On board, a ship, hydrogen in gaseous form poses a problem and necessitates a sizable storage area. The “solid” form is exempt from this. This relates to the compound sodium borohydride.

That powder is frequently found in washing powders. This powder would be kept on board ships where it could be mixed with ultra-pure water and a catalyst to create hydrogen along the trip.

The amount of powder that a ship must carry is equivalent to the number of fossil fuels that they carry nowadays. Therefore, extra-large tanks are not required.

Through a European tender, the Lauwersoog yard received the order. It is planned to deploy the ship for the first time in June of next year. Next, the Neo Orbis will set sail while flying the Port of Amsterdam flag.

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