Sonatrach and VNG cooperate on green hydrogen

A memorandum of understanding was signed by the Sonatrach group with the German VNG AG with the intention of “exploring the possibilities for cooperation for the realization of projects in the sphere of hydrogen and green ammonia with a view to exporting them to Germany.”

The 4th iteration of the Algerian-German Energy Day was concurrent with the signing of this protocol.

The first stage, according to the statement, will be to conduct feasibility studies on the hydrogen value chain, from production and transport to marketing, with a view to determining the viability of cooperative commercial project development in this area.

The ability of Sonatrach to engage in a long-term strategy to realize green hydrogen projects at competitive costs is made possible by the connectivity of international pipeline networks between Algeria and Europe that can be used for the transport of green hydrogen and the endowment of solar energy potential.