South Australia to export hydrogen this year

When a $12.5 million plant in Adelaide’s north comes up later this year, South Australia will start exporting hydrogen to Indonesia.

The project in Bolivar is being funded by the Marubeni company and the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.

The plant will produce inexpensive hydrogen from renewable energy and enable its transportation to Indonesia in a metal hydride container.

It has a 150-kilowatt electrolyzer that uses proton exchange membrane technology and a five-megawatt battery storage system.

By August, the demonstration facility is anticipated to be operational, and by the end of the year, hydrogen exports will start.

Depending on future hydrogen demand, Marubeni may be able to increase its present capacity at the SA Water-owned Bolivar plant.

According to Trade and Investment Minister Nick Champion, “South Australia is already a leader in renewable energy, placing our state in a good position to become a global leader in green hydrogen for the long-term future.”

“Our state has a proven track record and enormous growth potential in this sector.”

The Marubeni Corporation is a trade and investment organization with about 4000 employees throughout 67 nations.

The company operates in a wide range of industries, including those related to energy and construction, automotive and industrial machines, real estate, forestry products, food, and chemicals.

A recent ground-breaking ceremony in Adelaide, according to executive officer Satoru Harada, marked a key turning point in Marubeni’s commitment to a sustainable energy future.

Green hydrogen, according to him, “has the potential to completely change how we produce and utilize energy.”

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