South Korea to import Malaysian and UAE-produced hydrogen from 2027

The South Korean government declared that Malaysian and UAE-produced hydrogen would be imported beginning in 2027 and used to generate electricity and then exported after being converted into ammonia.

Samsung Engineering and Lotte Chemical are slated to provide the hydroelectric power generation-based hydrogen in Malaysia. Samsung C&T and Korea Electric Power Corporation will use solar energy to manufacture hydrogen in the UAE. Estimated annual contributions from the two nations are 600,000 and 200,000 tons, respectively.

Up until the import, the government intends to enhance domestic hydrogen demand. In this approach, hydrogen-LNG fuel mixed combustion is being tested. According to the government, a carbon reduction of 10% can be achieved when the hydrogen content of LNG fuel combustion is 30%, and the number increases to 11% at 50% and 52% at 80%. Ammonia will also be used to lower carbon emissions from coal-based power generation, according to the plan.

Using hydrogen and nuclear power more effectively can help South Korea reach its carbon reduction goal, according to sources in the sector. The government’s objectives in this regard include the creation of ammonia-fueled ships by 2026 and the construction of liquid hydrogen carriers by 2029.