Spain: decarbonizing steel production plant with hydrogen

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Acerinox and Tecnicas Reunidas announced that they will collaborate to explore the decarbonization procedures of the Spanish Acerinox Europa facilities, which will incorporate hydrogen.

The plant, which is located in Cádiz, Spain, is a fully integrated stainless steel production facility with an annual capacity of approximately one million tonnes.

The goal of the project is to find the best decarbonization solutions for each industrial sub-process, with a focus on renewable energy electrification, green or blue hydrogen, bio-energies, and carbon capture and storage.

The solutions that are ultimately chosen will balance the operational needs of the facilities with the decarbonisation goals, anticipating the EU’s forthcoming legislative requirements in this area.

Based on this study, a roadmap with medium and long-term targets will be developed, and Acerinox’s investment timeline for achieving its decarbonisation goals will be changed accordingly.

This timeline will be based on each technology’s technological and business maturity standards, as well as Acerinox’s investment optimization.

Acerinox will provide its broad know-how facilities and commitment to industry innovation, as well as the possibility for improvement that is part of Tecnicas’ culture, to this initiative.

Técnicas Reunidas, for its part, will provide its significant expertise and experience in the various technologies involved with energy transition, as well as their integration into complex industrial processes, to the project.

This initiative with Acerinox is one of Técnicas Reunidas’ first moves toward diversifying the decarbonisation and energy transition actions it has been developing in recent years in its typical fields of activity, and extending them to other businesses that consume a lot of energy.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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