State-run NTPC encourages companies to establish hydrogen unit

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Indian power giant NTPC has solicited expressions of interest (EoI) from Indian and international enterprises for the establishment of a pilot project for electrolyzer-based hydrogen production.

The deadline to submit Expressions of Interest is August 10, 2022.

“NTPC is Inviting Expression of Interest from Indian/Global Company/their Consortium/Affiliates/Representatives for setting up a pilot project for production of part quantity of hydrogen using electrolyser technology, required for demonstrating hydrogen co-firing in one of existing gas plants of NTPC along with requisite storage, fuel cell for standalone microgrid and equipment for blending with cooking natural gas,“ said the notice inviting EoIs.

It was stated that NTPC intends to produce a small amount of hydrogen in-house using electrolyser technology in order to demonstrate the capability of hydrogen co-firing in one of the existing NTPC gas turbines and to compare different electrolyser technologies, along with all the necessary infrastructure for storage, compression, and transport.

NTPC has already adopted alkaline, PEM, and SOEC technologies or is in the process of piloting their use.

It also intends to utilize the produced hydrogen either through a fuel cell micro-grid or by combining the stored hydrogen with cooking natural gas for the same NTPC Gas plant premises when the hydrogen is not being used for co-firing in gas turbines.

At any of its existing NTPC gas plants, the public sector giant wants to install a hydrogen production infrastructure, a hydrogen storage infrastructure, a fuel-cell-based microgrid system, and equipment for blending hydrogen (5-10 percent) with cooking natural gas.

It stated that the interested applicants must explain the technical specifications, guarantee parameters, and the overall projected project cost, as well as propose a financial contribution that will be divided between themselves and NTPC.

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