Statkraft and Naturstrom sign 50MWp PPA


Statkraft and Naturstrom have signed another 50 MWp long-term power supply agreement (PPA). For eleven years Statkraft will supply Naturstrom with electricity from its German solar portfolio.

The renewable energy provider located in Düsseldorf will use the solar power to supply domestic customers.

The solar power comes from Bavarian solar park Schornhof, for which Statkraft in July of this year signed a power purchase agreement with Ingolstadt-based solar company Anumar. Statkraft will supply Naturstrom with approximately 600 gigawatt hours of solar power from autumn 2020 until the end of the term in December 2031.

The negotiated contract model ensures maximum price flexibility for the renewable energy provider, so that Naturstrom can incorporate the volumes of solar power as needed into its normal procurement strategy.

“The interest in the direct purchase of solar power is enormous. PPAs are attractive for industrial customers, but also for energy suppliers such as Naturstrom AG who want to supply their household or commercial customers with solar power. With this PPA we are consolidating our role as a bridge-builder between the different needs of renewable energy producers and consumers.”

Dr. Carsten Poppinga, managing director of Statkraft.

“More and more solar parks can be realised without the statutory feed-in tariff. This means that the energy transition is entering a new phase. We are helping to drive this development forward. On the one hand through PPAs directly with the plant operators or with upstream suppliers such as Statkraft, on the other hand through the construction of our own subsidy-free plants.”

Oliver Hummel, CEO of Naturstrom.

Stakraft and Naturstrom had already signed an electricity supply deal with a twelve-year term for 237 gigawatt hours of solar power in February of this year.

Nedim Husomanovic

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