Statkraft and Nel in green hydrogen value chain deal

In a partnership between hydrogen technology company Nel and Statkraft, ambitious plans are being made to establish a green hydrogen value chain in Norway.

A deal for the delivery of electrolyzers totaling more than 40MW has been signed by the two Norwegian businesses.

Nel CEO Hkon Volldal stated, “We are committed to making Norway a major producer of renewable hydrogen and to creating an ecosystem of electrolyzer and equipment manufacturers.

German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck made the announcement during a visit to Nel’s electrolyzer factory in Herya, Norway.

In addition to Terje Lien Aasland, Norway’s Minister of Energy and Petroleum, Jan Christian Vestre, joined him in making the following statement: “It is promising that leading Norwegian players like Nel and Statkraft are planning value chains for green hydrogen in Norway.

This is a significant step in the right way toward realizing our goals of creating a cogent hydrogen value chain and facilitating the generation of hydrogen with zero or low emissions to meet domestic demand.

Nel just received a 40 MW order from Statkraft for alkaline electrolyzer machinery. The stacks will be made at the Herya factory and utilized in one of Statkraft’s hydrogen projects to produce renewable hydrogen.

By 2030, Statkraft, a company with its headquarters in Oslo, intends to increase its yearly development rate to 4GW of new electricity output and to add 2GW of renewable hydrogen production.

The deal with Nel, according to Statkraft CEO Christian Rynning-Tnnesen, “is the first essential step in materializing our ambitious aim of 2GW of green hydrogen and securing production capacity for our broad pipeline of hydrogen projects.”