SunHydrogen gets $45M investment for green hydrogen production

A $45 million investment commitment from GHS Investments of Jericho, New York, has been accepted by SunHydrogen, the creator of a ground-breaking method to manufacture sustainable hydrogen using sunshine and water.

The money will help SunHydrogen continue to develop its nanoparticle-based green hydrogen technology while also allowing the business to invest in and collaborate on the development of additional related technologies along the renewable hydrogen value chain.

The business is still devoted to commercializing its nanoparticle technology, with the successful display of the first-ever, high-quality prototype being its most pressing internal objective.

However, SunHydrogen also hopes to achieve its objective of advancing renewable hydrogen technologies to expand the hydrogen ecosystem with the addition of the $45M cash commitment. SunHydrogen specifically aims to make strategic investments by collaborating with other early-stage businesses to help them advance to their own manufacturing phases.

This goal is demonstrated by SunHydrogen’s recent $10 million strategic investment in TECO 2030, a Norwegian company that creates zero-emission technology for the heavy industry and maritime industries.