Svevind and Kazakhstan govt to invest in large-scale green hydrogen project

The Svevind Group from Dresden and the government of Kazakhstan have reached an investment agreement for one of the biggest green hydrogen manufacturing projects ever.

By 2030, 40 GW of wind and photovoltaic systems as well as electrolysers for the production of two million tons of green hydrogen are to be deployed in Kazakhstan’s steppes as part of the “Hyrasia One” project.

A renewable energy-based IA hydrogen project would potentially enable Kazakhstan to produce “green” steel or “green” aluminum and export it to international markets.

Where the two million tons of green hydrogen from the Hyrasia One project will end up—mostly in Kazakhstan itself, in Europe or Asia—has not yet been determined. The H2 would have to be transported to Europe across the Caspian Sea as ammonia to Azerbaijan, avoiding Russia, and then transported by rail from Azerbaijan to the west.

If required, oil and natural gas might be sent to China using existing pipes that will be converted to hydrogen. A pipeline would need to be constructed through the Caspian Sea to transfer oil to Europe. However, Russia had already spent decades blocking such a pipeline for the export of natural gas and oil.

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