Swedbank Robur launches Transition Energy fund

Swedbank Robur has transformed Råvarufond into a new thematic fund with a focus on solar, wind and energy transition.

The new fund, Transition Energy, will invest in companies worldwide that will contribute to a future renewable energy system.

The move to a climate-neutral society requires new solutions and the need for investment is substantial.

As part of Swedbank Robur’s ongoing implementation of its climate strategy, the fund company is now launching a new fund, Transition Energy. The fund will invest worldwide and focus on solar, wind and solutions for a sustainable energy system. The holdings will be a mix of established companies with proven business ideas and new faster growing companies.

“It is important that investors dare to be an active part of sustainable change and support companies and industries in this transition. The ambition is that Transition Energy’s composition and global focus will provide a good balance between risk and potential, with portfolio companies that help contribute in driving the energy system in a more sustainable direction.”

Robert Slorach, portfolio manager at Swedbank Robur.

The climate issue will with a high degree of certainty continue to be one of the biggest global challenges for many years to come. Substantial investments will be required in, among other things, renewable energy sources, power grids, storage of energy and batteries as well as energy-saving solutions.

“The link between profitability and sustainability is strong, and we see that there are very good investment opportunities and a good return potential in the energy transition theme. By investing capital in related companies, we can support businesses and industries to change, while at the same time creating long-term value for our customers and society.”

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