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BP’s renewable hydrogen project in Kwinana, Western Australia, has officially entered the front-end engineering and design stage, with production expected to commence in 2026. The H2Kwinana project, a collaborative effort with Macquarie Capital, aims to leverage a 100-MW electrolyzer, with plans for expansion to an impressive 1.5 GW in subsequent phases.

Germany is stepping up its commitment to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with an ambitious project that combines green hydrogen, carbon capture, and cutting-edge Fischer Tropsch (FT) technology. The collaboration between Johnson Matthey (JM) and bp has marked a significant milestone by having EDL Anlagenbau Gesellschaft select their FT CANS™ technology for the HyKero plant in Böhlen-Lippendorf, Germany.

The green hydrogen landscape in the UK is set for a groundbreaking transformation as bp’s HyGreen Teesside project advances to the negotiation stage of the government’s progressive electrolytic hydrogen allocation round. With production slated to commence in 2026, this visionary project is poised to propel the nation’s ambitions for a sustainable energy future.

The pursuit of sustainable energy solutions is reaching new heights as BP, the renowned energy giant, invests in Advanced Ionics, a startup focused on transforming the landscape of green hydrogen production. This strategic move, driven by BP Ventures, is poised to significantly reduce the production costs of zero-carbon hydrogen by harnessing cutting-edge technology.