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Brazil and UK Form Hydrogen Hub for Sustainable Energy

Brazil and the United Kingdom have solidified a bilateral agreement to usher in a new era of clean and renewable energy. The Brazil-United Kingdom Hydrogen Hub, unveiled at COP28 in Dubai, stands as a testament to international collaboration for the development of hydrogen, emphasizing a coordinated and targeted approach.

Brazil's Hydrogen Legislation Faces Subsidy Setback

The rapporteur of bill PL 2308/2023, Bacelar (PV/BA), has opted to exclude the package of subsidies and incentives originally earmarked for low-carbon hydrogen production. This decision, made in consultation with the economic team, reflects a complex interplay of political and economic considerations within the Brazilian legislative landscape.

Exploring Rise of Green Hydrogen as Sustainable Energy Source

The world is at a critical juncture in the pursuit of sustainable energy alternatives. With the growing need to replace traditional fossil fuels, the quest for cleaner, greener energy sources has never been more urgent. In the second episode of the series “The Future of Energy,” the spotlight is on hydrogen, particularly green hydrogen, as a viable alternative that could revolutionize the energy landscape in Brazil and beyond.