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Spanish, Dutch and German Ports Unite for Green Hydrogen

Port of Amsterdam has signed three crucial agreements during the H2 Connecting Event in Duisburg. These agreements aim to solidify the port’s position as a vital supplier of renewable hydrogen and derivatives to the German market, aligning with the collaborative efforts between the Netherlands and Germany in the realm of renewable hydrogen.

Hydrogen Takes Center Stage in Duisburg's Industrial Transformation

Duisburg, a city steeped in industrial history and once known for coal, is now emerging as a key player in the new industrial revolution – one driven not by fossil fuels but by green hydrogen. Alexander Klomparend, head of corporate communications at Duisburg Kontor, is unequivocal in his belief: “Hydrogen is the new coal.” The city’s unique attributes make it a potent candidate to lead this revolution.

Green Hydrogen H2 News

Duisburg, a German city, is taking a significant leap towards a greener and emission-free future for its public transport system. The city has selected Solaris, a leading European manufacturer of electric city buses, to deliver 25 Urbino hydrogen buses – a mix of 12-meter and 18-meter models.