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Namibia's Green Hydrogen Plea: Call for Global Investment

Namibian President Hage Geingob has made a compelling call to world leaders, urging them to invest billions in Namibia’s green hydrogen initiative and the requisite infrastructure during the global renewables and energy efficiency pledge at the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) in Dubai.

Namibia's $20B Hydrogen Gamble and Global Sustainability

Namibia, a nation blessed with abundant renewable resources, has embarked on an audacious $20 billion green hydrogen project, backed by the European Union (EU). While the project promises economic revitalization and environmental sustainability, recent investigations have raised concerns about its potential impact on nature and local livelihoods.

Green Hydrogen Paves the Path to EU-Namibia Partnership

In recent years, green hydrogen has staged a remarkable comeback and is emerging as a linchpin in the pursuit of a climate-neutral economy. It promises to play a pivotal role, particularly in addressing emissions in challenging sectors such as transport, heating, and heavy industry, and offers a solution for inter-seasonal energy storage. This resurgence of green hydrogen, driven by both energy security and decarbonization imperatives, is now not only fostering economic opportunities but also birthing a new era of EU-Africa relations.


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Green Hydrogen H2 News

Africa has witnessed the commencement of construction for Cleanergy Solutions Namibia, the continent’s first green hydrogen facility. Nestled in the coastal city of Walvis Bay, this groundbreaking project represents a monumental leap in Africa’s energy landscape.