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UK Invests £15m in Nuclear-Powered Hydrogen Hub for Asphalt Production

UK’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero is committing £6.1m ($7.4m) to the Bay Hydrogen Hub. This ambitious project, backed by a consortium comprising EDF, National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), and Vulcan Burners, aims to supply hydrogen to an asphalt plant, demonstrating zero-emission asphalt production using nuclear-derived hydrogen.

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In a pivotal development that could reshape the future of energy, nuclear power plants in the United States are exploring a groundbreaking marriage with hydrogen production. The concept involves utilizing low-cost nuclear electricity to generate hydrogen from water, a move that not only holds intellectual promise but could be a substantial player in the global energy transition.

Green Hydrogen H2 News

National Research University “MPEI” develops alkaline water electrolyzer Researchers from the National Research University “MPEI” have developed a prototype of…