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H2MOF Redefines Hydrogen Storage

Nobel laureate Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart and Professor Omar Yaghi have united to establish H2MOF, a pioneering company dedicated to advancing solid-state hydrogen storage solutions.

AMPO and GRZ Technologies Partner on Hydrogen Storage

AMPO, a global leader in precision-engineered valves, and GRZ Technologies, renowned for their innovative green hydrogen solutions, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the energy landscape in Spain and Portugal.

Fluxys Unveils BE-HyStore Pilot to Explore Loenhout Subsurface Hydrogen Storage

Fluxys Belgium, a key player in the country’s energy infrastructure landscape, has announced a significant step towards the future of clean energy with the unveiling of its BE-HyStore pilot project. The groundbreaking initiative aims to store hydrogen underground, presenting a promising solution to energy storage and supply security.

Green Hydrogen H2 News

As the world races toward a more sustainable energy future, the tank storage industry finds itself at the crossroads of transformation. The rise of hydrogen technologies, with their potential to decarbonize various sectors, presents both challenges and opportunities for an industry deeply rooted in traditional hydrocarbon storage.