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Hydrogen-Powered Revolution Underway in UK Construction and Farming

The United Kingdom stands on the cusp of a hydrogen-powered revolution with forthcoming regulations enabling hydrogen powered tractors, diggers, and forklifts in construction and farming. These transformative developments aim to reduce emissions and fast-track decarbonization.

Delayed Energy Transition in UK Raises Concern, Says Siemens Energy Head

As the global community accelerates towards a more sustainable, low-carbon future, individual nations are closely observed and evaluated for their progress in energy transition. In this context, Darren Davidson, the head of the UK division of Siemens Energy, recently voiced concerns about the country’s sluggish pace in advancing towards their ambitious energy targets.

green hydrogen

National Grid, the UK’s gas transmission system owner, has embarked on a project to explore the feasibility of underground hydrogen energy storage. Partnering with Scottish firm Gravitricity, the initiative aims to leverage innovative technology for energy storage and distribution.