Tallgrass and Equinor developing hydrogen and ammonia in US

Tallgrass and Equinor, a Norwegian energy company, are working together to create large-scale, low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia projects in North America.

To support broad decarbonization, the partners will analyze the production and market possibilities for hydrogen and ammonia, as well as the accompanying distribution infrastructure.

Tallgrass and Equinor have agreed to do preliminary co-development activities, including as sponsoring a front-end engineering and design (FEED) research jointly. The research will concentrate on large-scale hydrogen production, which will include the collection of at least 95% of CO2 for permanent sequestration, as well as ammonia for efficient transportation and storage. Tallgrass and Equinor are assessing different regional energy hubs across the United States as part of the project.

Recent policy developments reinforce the United States’ commitment to decarbonized energy projects and highlight the critical role that a full-scale hydrogen economy may play in supplying communities with clean and reliable energy. Equinor and Tallgrass have made a similar commitment to further the integration of low- or zero-carbon hydrogen and ammonia into regional clean energy clusters, while pursuing a holistic approach to entire value-chain emissions and resource conservation.