TechnipFMC and FPP to electrify oil and gas platform with hydrogen, wind and wave

A UK offshore operator has chosen Floating Power Plant (FPP) and TechnipFMC to conduct a concept select study for the electrification of a North Sea oil and gas platform with wind, wave, and hydrogen-based renewable energy systems.

The concept select study will focus on determining the best way to use renewable energy from FPP’s hybrid floating wind and wave energy platform in conjunction with TechnipFMC’s hydrogen-based energy storage system to reduce intermittency and maximize usable power.

FPP and TechnipFMC will work together to develop and evaluate a suitable renewable energy concept capable of significantly reducing CO2 emissions associated with platform operations while posing minimal operational risk.

The research will also look into the requirements for integrating with existing infrastructure, both in terms of hardware and controls. While the combination of wind and wave will provide renewable energy, the hydrogen solution on board the floating wind platform will be another important factor in enabling the oil and gas platform to reduce emissions.

When the platform’s power production exceeds its needs, the excess energy will be stored as hydrogen and used in fuel cells later, drastically reducing the need for fossil-fuelled generators.

Finally, the project will not only focus on developing the technical concept, but will also aim to provide an economic and CO2 abatement assessment as well as investigate appropriate commercial delivery models tailored to the oil and gas market’s needs.

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