TECO 2030 launches new product concept for containerized fuel cells

TECO 2030 has introduced a new product concept for its containerized fuel cells, the TECO 2030 Power Barge.

Batteries, power electronics, safety and automation systems, hydrogen storage, and a refueling solution are all part of the comprehensive package that is the TECO 2030 fuel cell modules. The idea provides a scalable, multi-megawatt approach to producing electricity for shore power using hydrogen.

The concept has many advantages, including improved security, lower operating costs, less need for available land, greater adaptability, and no hazardous emissions.

The plan is consistent with the European Commission’s proposal to allocate more than 5 billion Euros for European transport infrastructure projects, which was unveiled on September 14th, 2022. The money will go toward improving the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), a system of interconnected roadways, railroads, canals, and seaports that links all of Europe.

Shore power solutions, local grid strengthening, emergency generators for data centers, and more can all benefit from the TECO 2030 Fuel Cell Generator, which is a full-fledged hydrogen-powered genset.